Spring Workshop Programme 2019

29th Jan - Atmospheric Night Scenes in Watercolour

On this course, Paul will guide you through his techniques for
capturing the effects of moonlight on water and the lights of the
city at night.

Confidence in the watercolour basics will be required!

12th Feb - Farm Animals in the Landscape in Watercolour

Adding animals to a landscape scene helps create a sense of scale,
distance and movement. Paul will offer guidance for drawing and
painting farm animals such as sheep and cows, then how to plan
and add them to a scene.

12th March - Table-top Landscapes in Watercolour

Direct sketching and painting from small, simple still life groups in the
studio is the perfect way to improve your understanding of tone,
composition, drawing and painting skills for capturing the landscape
on a larger scale out doors.

20th March - From Sketchbook to Watercolour

On this Course, Paul will guide you through the process of gathering
sketchbook reference material outside and using it to produce a creative
watercolour back it the studio. Some sketching experience will be useful
as well as comfortable with a short walk to the river!