Materials list provided. Free car park. First floor workshop room. Not suitable for complete beginners.

FRIDAY 22ND NOVEMBER 2019 - 'Tonal Sketches for Successful Watercolours'

This workshop will focus on the importance of planning and composition,
paving the way for better painting. We will explore techniques in pencil, charcoal and watercolour.

FRIDAY 6TH DECEMBER 2019 - 'Atmospheric Snow Scenes in Watercolour'

Capture the beauty of the landscape under snow, with guidance on painting winter trees and rivers,
together with the dramatic effects of bright sunlight and shadows.

FRIDAY 17TH JANUARY 2020 - 'Essential Sketching and Drawing from Observation'

Drawing from observation can develop confidence and an excellent creative vision.
This workshop will focus on techniques in pencil, charcoal and pen and ink.

FRIDAY 31ST JANUARY 2020 - 'Coastal Landscapes in Watercolour'

Paul will guide you through his techniques for capturing dramatic skies, rocks and
breaking surf, sweeping beaches, wet sand and reflections.

FRIDAY 7TH FEBRUARY 2020 - 'Rural Buildings in Acrylics'

On this workshop, Paul will focus on techniques for capturing the structure and character
of rural buildings, such as farms, barns and cottages in this versatile and forgiving medium.

FRIDAY 21ST FEBRUARY 2020 - 'Lakes, Rivers and Reflections in Watercolour'

Capture the mood and atmosphere of tranquil lakes, rushing rivers and tumbling waterfalls
in a loose, expressive style.

FRIDAY 13TH MARCH 2020 - 'Trees and Foliage in Watercolour'

Fundamental features for the landscape painter, this course will cover techniques for expressing
the shape, texture and colour of trees and foliage throughout the seasons.

FRIDAY 1ST MAY 2020 - 'Plein Air Landscapes in Watercolour'

With inspiring subject matter only a short walk from the hall, Paul will guide you through his process
of getting the best from an onsite painting.

FRIDAY 23RD OCTOBER 2020 - 'Atmospheric Street Scenes in Pen and Wash'

This course will focus on techniques for simplifying buildings, figures, sunlight and shade,
combining expressive line work with loose watercolour washes.

To book for any workshop(s) or for further information, please contact Vanessa Weaver:

Tel 07891 202169 or email